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Funds2Go- for Bank or private mortgages & loans

Fund2Go Inc.: a Toronto based web marketing company connecting clients who are looking for conventional bank approved mortgages & bank alternative financing aka. private lenders.

Lenders For Growth Inc.:(FSCO#12368) a GTA Toronto based mortgage brokerage company doing conventional bank approved mortgages & bank alternative financing aka. private lenders.

Rosmount Capital Funding Inc.:(FSCO#12397) a private lender.  specializing in 1st /2nd home equity bad credit financing, short term bridge loans,construction loans.

Welcome to Funds2Go:

  • We’ll help ensure you receive the best mortgage rates in Canada.
  • We’ll ensure friendly, personal service
  • Free secure online pre-approval
  • When the Banks say “NO” – We will help you with Bank Alternative Financing. If requested!

Funds2Go innovative mortgage brokerage partner Lenders for Growth Inc. & Rosmount Capital Funding Inc. specializes  in bank alternative hard money private lending for its clients.

If,  your funding needs meet our sister company’s (Rosmount Capital Funding Inc.) investment criteria, we will fund your needs in-house.

We have funds available for immediate disbursements but limited to $50,000 – $2.5 million per transaction ( increase max. limits on case by case bases). Our funding area is GTA Toronto area.

If,  due to reasons your funding needs are beyond our capacity, ($2.5 million plus – or outside GTA Toronto area) or does not meet our in-house investment criteria, ProFunding has the advantage of having direct access to the largest panel of Specialist Financial and Private Investment Organisations.

Our experienced team of professionals is dedicated, passionate and committed to delivering solutions and service excellence to our mortgage and lending partners.
Partnering with high quality private lenders (Individuals & Corporations). Our lending guidelines are common sense. We understand the frustration banks cause when your moving in on the big deal. Our underwriters have seen almost any scenario and work very diligently to get the deal funded.
Funds2Go associated partner “Rosmount Capital Funding Inc.” is a strongly capitalized Canadian-owned company supported by the superior financial strength and commitment of its ownership group. The same holds true to all our partnered brokered deals.

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Funds2Go works with Rosmount Capital Funding (RCF), a full-service lending subsidiary offering a complete line of residential /commercial mortgage, refinancing and construction loans. We employ a knowledgeable staff of experienced mortgage bankers with an operations team that is second to none. By constantly updating our loan programs and pricing based on market patterns, Funds2Go can ensure that we deliver competitive rates combined with optimal mortgage structuring.

Honest and fair dealing. Innovative products that are simple to understand. Competitive rates. Superior customer service. Involvement in the community. These are things that have made Funds2Go a better Alternative Banking Experience for its customers.

Residential Home Mortgage, Investment Property or Business Loan, consider talking to Funds2Go. We’ll take the time to understand your financial needs and take you through your options. Whether you require a simple home loan or a more complex investment /business loan that lets you take advantage of additional investment opportunities, we can help.

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On the whole Private Money Lenders/ Funder’s are looking for the same information and will conduct a similar due diligence as the banks to make a positive funding decision in a short period of time..

However a Private Mortgage Loan is designed to suit those customers that fall outside the banks strict lending guidelines or Low Doc and No income proof loan parameters and require a more creative approach to meeting their financial needs short term..


right_blue_arrowIs your current lender threatening to foreclose on your property?

right_blue_arrowAre you a developer requiring a large construction development loan?

right_blue_arrowAre you behind on your repayments and need urgent positive assistance?

right_blue_arrowNeed a Short Term Private Mortgage Loan to sort out your immediate personal circumstances?

right_blue_arrowDo you have creditors knocking on your door?

right_blue_arrowNeed help to clean up your financial situation for 12 months or more?

right_blue_arrowLooking for financial relief until your situation improves?

right_blue_arrowLooking to purchase a large investment complex and need a big loan?

right_blue_arrowDo you have an unusual funding proposition that banks will not finance for?

We will look after your situation and get that loan funded for you!

Lenders For Growth dedicated team of mortgage professionals are industry certified, so you will feel confident that you are working with a qualified and knowledgeable consultant who has met a high standard of ethics and is committed to continuous training.

We understand every borrower has individual needs and goals, so we work towards each customer’s finance interests to tailor a loan to their unique situation.  Our personalized service is part of an ongoing relationship that keeps you in touch with the latest mortgage products & financial options immediately available in the Canadian Mortgage Market.

Lenders For Growth sister company Rosmount Capital Funding Inc. uses its own in-house financing. However, if due to Rosmounts criteria we are unable to to get you the funds –
We work within its large network of funder’s to locate a loan solution for you.  If finding finance has been difficult, LFG can assist and connect you with an appropriate lender, as well as helping with the application and paperwork. We will co-broker your deal.

The same attention to detail and personal service apply, no matter which of our services you choose. Our in-house funding or 3rd. party funding.  Once we have helped you choose the right financial product or strategy, we oversee the process from loan application acceptance to closing.

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Funds2Go – specializes in Bank Financing & Private Funding


What’s Crackin’?

must_use_ShantaeDance4Funds2Go a web base marketing arm of a mortgage brokerage, that does regular Bank financing. We specialize in Bank Alternative Hard Money Private Lending.

Our mortgage brokers understand the importance that comes new loan application, that’s why they will help remove the worry and hassle, whilst providing continual support and guidelines throughout the whole process.


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Office Tel: 416.900.8787

Hannif Highclass @ 416.444.4252 for Rosmount Capital Funding Inc.