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From residential loans to commercial  projects, we offer a full range of mortgage services for clients located throughout GTA Toronto including  Durham, Peel, Niagara, Hamilton, Kitchener /Waterloo.

If you are ready to close on your next home, let us arrange the mortgage financing on your behalf. We will electronically send your residential loan application to the Mortgage Market and will get over 30 lenders to bid on your business.

This process ensures that you get the best residential mortgage rate available in the market for your particular situation. It is quick too, in many cases we can have a response from the market within 4 hours of submitting your application.

right_blue_arrow   New Home Purchase /First Time Buyer

Are you a First Time buyer? The residential property you are about to purchase is probably the largest single purchase, and biggest investment decision you have had to make in your life so far. Let us help you through the confusing maze of residential loan rates, lender options, mortgage documentation, and terminology you are dealing with as you work your way through the process of getting your residential loan /mortgage approved.

We can help you get pre-qualified, so you are in a stronger position when it comes down to negotiating the purchase price on your new home. Call or apply online   now, and we will get the ball rolling for you.


right_blue_arrow Mortgage Refinance /Mortgage Renewal

Is your mortgage up for renewal? Do you want to be sure you are getting the absolute best mortgage rate in the market today, the rate you deserve?  Call or  apply online    and we will get the best the Mortgage Market has to offer.


EFIC steps in where big banks dread to go: lending to small guys
In Australia, residential loans account for 63 per cent of all bank debt, compared with 40 per cent in Canada and 34 per cent in the US. That is market failure on a grand scale, maybe caused by inappropriate regulation with bank capital rules favouring

right_blue_arrow Debit Consolidation

Have you hit a credit crunch ? High interest debt on credit cards can create a lot of stress as your debt combines. If you are finding there is more month than money, then perhaps it’s time to review your debt situation and consolidate your high interest debt into one low manageable monthly payment. Stop losing sleep,


right_blue_arrow Home Equity Loan / Equity Take-Out

If you have been living in your home in Ontario over the past 3-5 years, you have probably had your net worth increase by a substantial amount. The problem is that net worth is not very liquid.

If you are ready to invest in your own small business, or you need to fund your daughter’s university tuition, your home equity can be a ready source of cash to finance your dreams. Call or  apply online   and we can discuss a plan to get your plans moving today.


right_blue_arrow Line of Credit

We can arrange a convenient personal line of credit at very competitive rates secured against your residential property from any of the major Banks of your choice. Poor Credit OK – No Job Qualification needed.  


right_blue_arrow Past Credit Problems / Credit Rehabilitation 

Do you have less than perfect credit, or have you declared bankruptcy? We may be able to help.  If you currently own a residential property or you would like to purchase a residential property we may be able to secure mortgage financing for you. Please note that in some circumstances a fee may be required, but if this is the case, it will be disclosed upfront and agreed to in writing prior to working on your file.


right_blue_arrow Bank Alternative / Private Financing

Your Banks Said “NO” ?  Consider an Alternative

Today’s lending requirements have become stricter. More banks are turning consumers down even when they have ideal credit file. If, you have to have those funds – and its an absolute must. Then give Funds2Go a try.   We are private lenders [ NOTE: OUR OWN FUNDS]  and can help you


right_blue_arrow Short Term Emergency Finance

We may be able to provide you short term loans, if needed. Interest Rates & terms are case by case worked out.  Call us and we can discuss your needs.  No obligation. Free Consultation


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Are you building your dream home, and acting as your own general contractor?

We can help by arranging the most competitive builder’s mortgage products in the marketplace with up to 3 to 10 construction draws over the construction phase of your project depending on it’s complexity.

MCAP (Canada) & also Funds2Go (Canada)
MCAP deals in commercial, construction and residential loans. Category:Mortgage lenders.

If you are ready to close on your next home, let us arrange the mortgage financing on your behalf. We will electronically send your mortgage application to the Mortgage Market and will get over 30 lenders to bid on your business.

Mortgages by Funds2Go

Residential / Commercial / Construction Loans & Mortgages talk to Funds2Go?

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must_use_ShantaeDance4Fund2Go is a mortgage brokerage, that does regular Bank financing. We specialize in Bank Alternative Hard Money Private Lending.

Our mortgage brokers understand the importance that comes new loan application, that’s why they will help remove the worry and hassle, whilst providing continual support and guidelines throughout the whole process.


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