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Your Bank Say No? Consider an Alternative

Today’s lending requirements have become stricter. More banks are turning consumers down even when they have ideal credit. Business owners are being rejected and losing out on solid opportunities because they can’t secure the business loans and finance options they need.

Today’s bank focuses on candidates—those with good credit files, high beacon scores and excellent cash flow. Unfortunately, this doesn’t apply to most consumers and business owners. But, a private loan company can help!

Why Banks Don’t Work

You might assume that going directly to the bank is your best option for securing a loan, but think again. Banks are known for:


  • Excessive credit expectations—ones most consumers and business entrepreneurs can’t meet



  • Reporting your inquiries to your credit file and thus lowering your credit score



  • Rejecting finance applicants with average or good credit files because of just one negative credit file item



  • Rejecting applicants who need assistance preventing foreclosure or paying off overdue bills



  • Banks don’t have access to private lenders or can give you alternative private loan options, meaning you’re stuck with their products only


Banks are notorious for not assisting consumers and business owners in their time of need. Instead, business entrepreneurs and consumers should turn to the services of a private loan firm.

Non-Bank Financing

The Difference Between Bank and Non-Bank Financing

Obtaining a Canadian bank loan can be a long uphill struggle. Major Canadian banks have their own set of criteria and lending practice. They focus on borrowers with high earnings, excellent credit history, strong balance sheet and predetermined Loan to Value (LTV), total debt service ratios (TDS). Canadian Non-bank financial private money lenders attracts those companies that would not qualify under national bank lending standards, which may apply to certain borrowers with high leverage, negative net worth, recent losses, and those faced with fast growth/expansion needs.

Under traditional Canadian bank lending guidelines these borrowers would not qualify. Non-bank Canadian private money lenders in determining the lending criteria of a potential borrower would look at the company’s business model, good diversification within the receivables, the basic capabilities of management, and the ability to generate eligible sales.

We have just mentioned above Re: business financing but the same holds true to home loans.

To find private money lenders in Canada that are more specialized than regular mortgage managers that you would find at most major Canadian banks (such as the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) or Bank of Montreal (BMO) you will need a mortgage broker.

Private money lenders in Canada have a much more flexible set of criteria than the major Canadian banks when accepting a home loan. They can loan as much as they want since it is their money.

Most private money lenders in Canada go up to a maximum home equity values of 85%. In certain cases some Canadian money lenders have been known to go up to a 95% loan to value ratio

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Why Private Money Lenders in Ontario Canada Work

Whether you have a pile of credit card bills or a mortgage payment you can’t afford, private lenders have more finance options than the average bank. At Fund2Go, we can locate the best personal loans and business loans to save you time, money and unnecessary inquiries on your credit file.

Our specialists can guide you through the entire process, make sure you have the right documentation and only offer you a private loan service that you’ll be approved for. We don’t say no when you need help—instead, we work hard to get you the help you need.

Refinancing options to help you save

Switch and save

If you’re looking for a better deal on your home loan, consider talking to Funds2Go. We’ll take the time to understand your financial needs and take you through your options. Whether you require a simple, low fee home loan or a more complex loan that lets you take advantage of additional investment opportunities, we can help.


Fund2Go Inc.:(FSCO#xxxxxx) a Toronto based mortgage brokerage company doing conventional bank approved mortgages & bank alternative financing aka. private lenders.

Rosmount Capital Funding Inc.  [RCF]:   (FSCO#12397) a private lender.  specializing in construction loans, 1st /2nd home equity bad credit financing, short term bridge loans.


Contact an Funds2Go private loan specialist today and take advantage of benefits like:



  • Saving thousands of dollars on unnecessary foreclosure procedures – We can stop that house from been taken over by the Banks!



  • Funds2Go can find you a flexible, cost-effective finance option – Debt Consolidation!



  • Comparison of hundreds of private lenders and finance options that match your specific financial needs



  • No wait – No delay when you deal with us – funds released within 2 days of approval



  • At Funds2Go we are compassionate enough to understand your private loan needs, it not  just paying off debt or getting a more affordable payment option  —it’s about peace of mind


All of our consultants are fully up to date on the  Privacy Act,  Anti Money Laundering (FINTRAC),   Consumer Protection Act  and Responsible Lending Guidelines.  They undertake regular refresher courses on these and other aspects of the mortgage and finance business.

Whether you’re looking to start a new business venture or simply consolidate debt, let our industry experts find the right products for you.

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Mortgages by Funds2Go

What’s Crackin’?

must_use_ShantaeDance4Fund2Go is a mortgage brokerage, that does regular Canadian Bank financing. be it TD Canada Trust or Bank of Nova Scotia or Home Trust etc. We have partnered with over 40 “A” & “B” Canadian Banks, credit unions & Insurances companies.

Licensed as Private Money Lender in Ontario, Canada, we at Funds2Go can help you with our In-House Funding or connect you with one of our associate private lenders.

Our mortgage brokers understand the importance that comes new loan application, that’s why they will help remove the worry and hassle, whilst providing continual support and guidelines throughout the whole process.


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